Child Support

Child support payments are paid by one parent to the other to help with the costs of a child aged under 18.

The law says that both parents have a duty to support their children financially, whether they are biological (birth) or adoptive parents. From 1 July 2009, parents who were in a same-sex relationship may also have a duty to support their children financially.

Most children in Australia are covered by the Child Support Scheme, managed by the Child Support Agency, a Commonwealth Government agency. Its role is to support separated parents to transfer payments for the benefit of their children. The Agency will calculate the rate of child support payable under a formula, which is based on taxable income and information available to the CSA.  

We can advise you about rights of review and appeal against child support decisions.

We will also assist you in child support disputes.  This can be complex, and child support plays an important part in the financial arrangements that you make after separation. We will advise on all aspects of your finances, and solutions to financial issues arising from separation.  

Often child support and property issues are connected, and there are remedies and solutions available that will not be easily understood from just a child support or a property standpoint.  

Parents can come to their own agreement about how much child support should be paid and can make informal or formal agreements.

We can assist you with advice on making a Child Support Agreement, whether a ‘limited’ Agreement, or ‘Binding’ Agreement, or a combined property Financial and Child Support Agreement.