We offer family mediation services, conducted by a specialised family law solicitor.  This can cover any aspects of your family law issues in dispute, including:

  • Parenting issues (such as where the child lives, what time is spent with a parent, overseas travel and passport arrangements, relocation issues, involvement of relatives)
  • financial matters (including child support and property division).

Our mediation services are conducted by a family law solicitor.

This offers the benefit of a family lawyer’s experience and skills in listening to and identifying each party’s concerns and ‘troubleshooting’ with a view to producing longlasting outcomes that avoid future areas of conflict.

If you and the other party agree to appoint us as a mediator, we cannot act for one party individually.

In parenting cases, the Court will not accept an application for orders to be made without the parties first having consulted a family dispute resolution practitioner and obtaining a certificate (called a ‘section 60I certificate’) confirming that Family Dispute Resolution has been attempted.

In cases where one party has refused to attend the Family Dispute Resolution, the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner can issue a Certificate immediately.  Family dispute resolution is also called ‘family mediation’.

We can advise you about how family mediation works, and how to use these procedures to obtain resolution of your matter.  We will explain the difference between private mediators, and government subsidised.