Family legal matters are emotionally challenging and stressful as it is. Finding the right family solicitor, while crucial in ensuring a smooth resolution, can seem like just an added stress.

However, with numerous legal professionals specialising in family law, it is critical that you know how to find the right lawyer for you.

In this guide, we’ll run through a list of considerations to take into account and help you ascertain the right family solicitor for your needs.

Practical Steps For Choosing the Right Family Solicitor

Step 1 – Know What You’re Looking For

Not all family solicitors and family law firms are the same. You’ll want to keep in mind the following three aspects when determining which one is right for you:

  • Expertise – Make sure any solicitor you consider is an expert in family law with experience handling similar cases. This can include anything from divorce and child custody to spousal support and property division.
  • Experience – Consider how long the family solicitor has been practising law for and what their success rate has been in handling cases similar to your own.
  • Specialisation – If you’re experiencing a complex divorce, for example, choose a solicitor who specialises in divorce law to leverage their in-depth knowledge.

Step 2 – Research Online

Utilise online resources, such as websites, reviews, testimonials, media articles and legal publications. Be on the lookout for positive feedback, success stories or case studies of similar family legal cases.

Step 3 – Seek Recommendations

Depending on the nature of the legal issue and your network, this may or may not be possible: Seeking recommendations from friends, family or colleagues who have faced similar issues is among the most valuable ways to gain insights into a family solicitor’s reputation or expertise.

Step 4 – Arrange an Initial Consultation

Many family solicitors offer initial consultations, often for no fee. Use this offering to interview potential lawyers. Ask prepared questions about their approach, experience, understanding and strategies to see if you ‘gel’ with their style. (Use this article as a guide to formulate your questions.)

Step 5 – Understand the Fee Structure

Different solicitors bill differently. Once you have found a family law firm or solicitor that you like, make sure you receive clear and transparent information about their fee structure. Often this can be in the form of either a fixed fee, an hourly rate or a combination of both.

You can also request an estimate for the overall cost of handling your case, with an understanding that this is subject to change.

It’s important that you also ask about any additional or extra costs that can arise during the legal process and proceedings so that there are no nasty financial shocks down the road.

Step 6 – Evaluate their Communication Style

We break this consideration down into two main aspects.

(A) Open Communication

Open, effective communication is essential. As your family solicitor, your chosen lawyer needs to be responsive, approachable and understandable at all times.

(B) Consistent Communication

Ask any lawyer under consideration how often you can expect updates with your case and what sort of progress reports they provide. During the stressful legal process, regular communication keeps you informed and can help alleviate anxiety.

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